Friday, July 4, 2008


Hello, I'm Tazarina!

I'm a single, black & white female cat, of, shall we say, a certain age.

I'm seeking friendship and fun with like-minded felines the world over.

Oh, heck, since no one is reading this anyway, I'll be perfectly frank: a little fame never hurt a kitty (or the kitty, for that matter. Hee, I crack myself up!)

While I'm being so candid I'll confess I have a little help from my pet parent. We have a deal: She promises not to edit me and I promise not to make her look too ridiculous. But she's only human, so not much I can do on that count! (Mother is rolling her eyes at my little joke, but once again she's limited by her human-ness. Now these perfectly round peepers are made for rolling!)

Anyway, as I was saying, I'm looking to expand my world by meeting felines like myself who have a fondness for fun, napping and food.


Originally, I hail from the great state of New York and traveled a bit with my first owner. Now that I'm a mature kitty, I've ended up in Florida. Naturally. With every other aging New Yorker. Mother included. Sigh.

Whatever. I'm still in fine form. Look at these markings, the, um, voluptuous - yes, that's the word - physique. (More like butterball - Editor, aka Mommy) 

So much for the deal! At least I'm much slimmer than I used to be. That's all I'm sayin'. (By the way, mommy dearest surprisingly does the evil eye quite well!)

Moving on, I share this place with my stepdad and an older-but-none-the-wiser cat named Casey. But enough about them.

I enjoy eating, purring, cuddling and playing with string, my water dish and palmetto bugs. 

I also enjoy sleeping very much - on the couch, the porch, in my faux-fleece cat bed, on the dining room chairs (4 to choose from!), and the closet, the only carpeted spot in a sea of cold, white tile. Let's see, where else? Oh right, there's a rug under the coffee table. That's good too. And the rug in the office when I'm allowed in there. (You'd think I chewed on all of dad's album covers.) So, yes, I like to sleep. Probably why I'm still so damned cute! But sometimes I'm actually meditating. Looks the same.

Well, I've worked up an appetite. Time for a snack.

So if anyone ever finds my space and would like to be my paw pal, tell me a little about yourself and send me a picture. And, please, nothing Photoshopped - I'll like you "just as you are." ... Unless, you're a jerk or something. ;-) 

Ciao, or should I say meow!


Ken Albin said...

Tazarina is one beutiful girl! You can tell that she definitely thinks she is head of the house. Give her a head pat from me and hello to what my mom used to say is a "fellow Flidderin".

Lucky Lady said...

oh a cutie she is, my baby was a boy sweetest cat i ever had and yours looks just as sweet and thank you for stopping by my blog i have been lazy lately

Jackie said...

Tazarina I love the fact you are black and white just like me not silly colors like those puffed up Persians.

I was rescued in Johannesburg after being dumped and I am lucky as I live with my Mistress but as she has many other cats I spend my days with the lady upstairs as she has a nice sunny windowsill which I don't have to share....but I always make sure I am home in time for supper.

If you are ever over this way do pop in.


Allie B said...

What a beautiful and smart kitty!

Tazzie said...

Thanks everybody!

... James: Do send me a picture of yourself! Sounds you like are a handsome and lucky boy.