Monday, August 25, 2008


So it wasn't bad enough that we had a damn tropical storm - and another one on the way! - with all that nerve-racking rain and lightning and thunder. No. Little did I know I had scarier stuff ahead.

Today, mom plucked me from my comfy bed, stuffed me in a carrier and the next thing I knew, I was being deposited on a cold, hard surface in a bright room with strange sounds all around. The horror! (Oh, look who's a little drama queen! That was barking. - Ed.) 

A-ha! Dogs - even scarier than I thought, then.

So, yeah, in case you haven't figured it out, I was back at the vet. And I was not happy.

But all my vicious hissing somehow failed to stop Them. I was poked and squeezed in unpleasant places, I'll have you know, and even had my temperature taken. 

For all this torture, I was rewarded with some treats, which were very, very yummy. I gobbled them all up, but it was a trick. While I'm chomping away, someone sticks a needle in my back. And then another! What the - ?!

Still, as much as I hate to admit - and I hate to admit it - all this did make me feel better. It's possible, in fact, that mother may learn to give me fluids (that's what that first jab was) at home. Wouldn't be too difficult for her; she gave me insulin twice a day for six years. 

The other shot was a B-complex. That one burned a bit, but it did get me peppy.

Nevertheless, it's been a trying day.

I expect (hear that, mom!) a much better day tomorrow.

Casey comforts me

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Duni said...

what a cutie...hope she feels better soon!