Saturday, August 30, 2008


I love movie night. Especially when dad's kids stay over. 

Naturally, they love me. LOVEME. (Like, who wouldn't, right?) I get brushed and cuddled and pet and squeezed and oohed and aahed over. As it should be.

Not only do I get to enjoy a movie, I get so many laps to choose from as they huddle on a plump air mattress-turned-makeshift sofa. I know. Don't ask. Anyway, it's a snuggle bunny's dream.

Lovin' on li'l ol' me
(Not that I'm old, mind you. ...
Not that I'm that old. ... Not that I'm~
Hey, not that it's any of your darn business!)

Recently, we watched That Darn Cat! (the original), one of my faves. 

First of all, the star D.C is purr-fectly dreamy, what with those blue eyes and solid build. He's a big boy, the kind that makes a girl feel safe. With his powerful paws, razor claws and lightning speed, D.C. practically makes mincemeat out of an FBI agent who stupidly tries to take his "finger"prints. Hysterical!

But not only does D.C. have meat on his bones, he has brains to boot, and helps the beyond-hapless FBI catch a couple of kidnapping crooks. 

Uh, huh, I'd like to be his Siamese twin, if you catch my drift. Me-wow!

           Here kitty, kitty: The dreamy D.C. (and, oh yeah, Hayley Mills, whoever) 

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